Corporate, Government and Foundation Grants

Thanks to the generosity of corporate, government and foundation grants, St. Joseph’s has been able to make enhancements to its physical facilities and academic programs. We welcome the opportunity to find and secure funding for projects that will benefit the College. We will try to assist faculty who are seeking grants for individual projects with research. Faculty or staff  seeking assistance from the Office of Institutional Advancement must complete a Grant Request Form.


  • A preliminary outline of the proposal, stating intent, program components, budget, timeline and any suggestions for possible funding sources, must be submitted to the appropriate department chair at least 12 months prior to program implementation.

  • Once the proposal idea has received approval, the department chair will submit it to the dean.

  • After receiving approval from the dean, the originator of the proposal (grant administrator) will submit the Grant Request Form and then work with the Office of Institutional Advancement to produce a complete proposal.

  • The final proposal will be prepared and submitted by the Office of Institutional Advancement, which may determine priorities among proposals depending upon deadlines for applications and available personnel.


  1. A proposed program or project must receive approval of the department chair and academic dean.

  2. A completed Grant Application Request Form must be forwarded to Clare Kehoe, one year prior to program implementation.

  3. Once received, the request will be prioritized and the requesting person will be contacted for further information and to discuss the process.

  4. The requesting person will be notified when a grant proposal has been submitted and to whom. Notification of grant acceptance or rejection will also be made.

  5. When a grant is received, the Office of Institutional Advancement will notify the grant administrator of the amount and date of grant. It is the responsibility of the grant administrator to contact the Office of Business Affairs regarding transfer of this grant to a departmental budget.

  6. If a grant extends over more than one fiscal year, it is the grant administrator's responsibility to ask the Office of Business Affairs to defer the grant to the next fiscal year.


If you have any questions about giving to St. Joseph’s College, please contact Clare Kehoe at or 718.940.5579.

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