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The following guidelines are for faculty, staff, alumni and students who manage, maintain or participate in social media and networking sites on behalf of St. Joseph’s College. Some such sites may include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace.

St. Joseph’s College does not take responsibility for individual faculty or student-developed pages. Employees or student groups who create pages that could be affiliated with the College should notify the Office of Public Relations of their intentions.

  1. All content and uploaded photos and videos posted to an official St. Joseph’s College social media page must relate directly to the College and should not be used as a promotional tool for individual programs, products and/or services outside of it. College employees are prohibited from endorsing or promoting individual opinions or causes on official College social media pages.

  2. If you have been authorized to create an official St. Joseph’s College social media site, please be careful to maintain the consistency of its editorial style by following the outlined standards in the official SJC Editorial Style Guide. For correct usage of the College logo, please click here .

  3. St. Joseph’s College welcomes engaged, constructive dialogue within its online communities. Please exercise good judgment and always be respectful and professional when you represent yourself and the College. Do not engage in any inappropriate or volatile dialogue when communicating your message, including comments that can be interpreted as libelous, defamatory, harassing, etc.

  4. Always protect confidential and proprietary College content and third party information that has been disclosed to St. Joseph’s College by following official policies and federal education regulations, including those stipulated by FERPA.

  5. Respect for copyright, intellectual property and fair use laws must be adhered to at all times.

  6. Be honest, transparent, authentic and factual when developing relationships, sharing information and connecting within online communities. Adding meaning and value to your message leads to building trust and brand recognition.

  7. Understand the terms and conditions put forth by each individual social media site. 

  8. Social media is a continually evolving technology, and to stay current, these guidelines may need to be periodically modified and are subject to change as required at any time without notice.

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