Alumni Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentoring Program

Are you a recent grad or alumni looking for guidance and support from a professional mentor?

Are you an established professional in your field that wants to give back and provide support to an alum on their way to success?

The St. Joseph’s College Alumni Mentoring Program matches current students and alumni with Alumni Professional Mentors for one academic year. The program is managed by the Office of Alumni Engagement with assistance from the Office of Career Development and Engagement. Mentees are matched with Alumni Professional mentors based on their career interests and professional goals.

The purpose of the Alumni Mentoring Program is to:

  • Match experienced alumni professionals with current students or alumni interested in pursuing careers in the mentor’s field
  • Allow an exchange of information to take place that will help the mentee to develop new skills and perspectives that will better inform their career choice
  • Engage in a meaningful mentoring relationship with a mentor who is dedicated, passionate and committed to making the most of the mentoring experience

Consider joining the program as a MENTEE if:

  • You are exploring careers, in career transition or you have questions about graduate school
  • You are looking to gain advice from a higher-level professional in the field you are currently in or are interested in pursuing

Consider joining the program as a MENTOR if:

  • You are an experienced professional with at least 10-15 years of experience in your field
  • You genuinely love what you do and want to share that experience with others
  • You feel you can provide practical, real-life advice for someone interested in entering or advancing in your field

Thinking about joining the program? Fill out a short inquiry form

Mentor Inquiry Form  

Mentee Inquiry Form

Already filled out an inquiry? Here’s what will happen next.


The Office of Career Development and Engagement will follow up with you for a mentoring prep appointment. Mentoring prep involves:

  • An overview of the program and resources available to you
  • An explanation of the program guidelines and expectations
  • A discussion about the skills and qualities you would like your Alumni Mentor to possess, as well as how you plan to communicate with and engage your mentor
  • A conversation about your goals and how an Alumni Mentor can help you along the way


The Office of Alumni Engagement will follow up with you for an informal Mentor Interview. The Mentor Interview involves:

  • An overview of your experiences and career path after SJC
  • An explanation of the program guidelines and expectations
  • A discussion about the timeline, activities and engagement involved in the mentoring experience

For more information about the Alumni Mentoring Program, please contact Taryn Kutujian, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at