Alumni Mentoring Program

Looking for connections? You already have them.

The Alumni Mentoring Program provides St. Joseph's alumni with the opportunity to mentor current SJC students. Our alumni offer students (and fellow alumni) advice, insight and information on their chosen profession. The program strengthens SJC’s community of alumni professionals to benefit the growth and development of both the students and our alumni.

The modern workforce is constantly changing and evolving and SJC graduates, like many others, may experience two or three career changes during their lives. The Alumni Mentoring Program ensures that students find professionals in their chosen fields, in fields they may be interested in and professionals who share their values and the values of SJC.

Several past participants have been fortunate enough to get internships or jobs through direct contact with our alumni. Others have received valuable mentoring and career advice. An alumni mentor can influence the career development of a new student and help them achieve their dreams while supporting the future of the mentor’s own profession.

For more details on why you should become or obtain an alumni mentor click here.

If you would like to be an alumni mentor or would like to have an alumni mentor, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement on either campus.

Campus: St. Joseph's College, Long Island Campus
Evelyn Jones '07
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement

For information about career counseling, please contact our Office of Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services.

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