Theodore Hamm, Ph.D.

Theodore Hamm, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair
Journalism and New Media Studies


SJC Brooklyn

  • 718.940.5307
  • St. Angela Hall, Room 607


Ph.D., American history, University of California Davis, 1996

M.A., American history, University of California Davis, 1992

B.A., American studies, Rutgers University, 1988


Co-founder and editor of The Brooklyn Rail, 2000-2013.

Recent contributor to Columbia Journalism Review, New York Daily News, Gotham Gazette and Jacobin.

Member of the Brooklyn Literary Council, steering committee for the Brooklyn Book Festival (2005-present). 

Scholarly & Professional Interests

NYC/Brooklyn politics and history

Media studies

Criminal justice

Urban planning

Literary history

Select Publications

Recent essays and op-eds:

"The Crackdown Before the Crackdown," Jacobin (8-10-14).

"Freedom of the Press Came of Age in NYC," NY Daily News (7-4-14).

"In Brooklyn, Decades of High Crime and Low Coverage Bear Sour Fruit," Columbia Journalism Review (5-14-14).


Pieces of a Decade: Brooklyn Rail Nonfiction, 2000-2010 (2010)

The New Blue Media: How Michael Moore, MoveOn, Jon Stewart and Company Are Transforming Progressive Politics (2008)

Rebel and a Cause: Caryl Chessman and the Politics of the Death Penalty in Postwar California, 1948-1974 (2001).