We invite alumni and friends to recognize the achievements and lasting value of a St. Josephs College education. Our central mission of providing students with a high-quality, affordable, liberal arts education has been the driving force of SJC and your support is imperative.

Why are gifts to St. Joseph’s College important?
Your gifts support all that you love and appreciate about SJC and are a meaningful way to participate in the life of the College. With each gift, you become a stakeholder in our success.

What does a gift to the SJC Fund support?
Tuition accounts for only a small percentage of the College’s per-student expenditures. Gifts to St. Joseph’s College help cover the balance of those expenditures, ensuring continued funding for SJC students, academic programs and facilities.

Can I make a gift online?
Using our online giving service, your gift to The Annual Fund can be put to use by the College right away.

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