The Odyssey: An Authentic Hellenic Experience

The Odyssey: An Authentic Hellenic Experience

The goal of this study abroad summer session in Greece is to offer students an authentic Hellenic experience.

Students and faculty will explore the major historical sites in mainland Athens, hop the famous Kyclades (Kee-kla-days) Islands, and spend time in the small town of Karystos, located on the southern tip of Evia. While only a couple of hours from Athens by boat, its village-oriented culture and live-off- the-land lifestyle is worlds apart. Students will take courses in Ecology and/or Tourism, where exploring the local habitat, architecture, advertisement, and cuisine will offer an unconventional and refreshing approach to learning.

June 6-18, 2017 • Cost TBA*
Class: BIO 145/HTM 317/HTM 302/PHI 154/BIO 280

*Until Nov. 22, all students can apply online for the $500 Faculty-led program stipends. Freshman can apply for the $1,000 Freshman Experience Grant.

BIO 145/HTM 317/HTM 302/PHI 154/BIO 280 Course Details

This course will explore the marine organisms: who they are, what they do, how they interact with one another and with the sea around them, and how their lives connect with ours. Attention will also be given to the oceans that sustain them. Extensive field work is involved. Students must register with the same instructor for lecture and laboratory. This course will consider the characteristics of environmentally, economically and socioculturally sustainable tourism. Students will explore contemporary issues, trends, policies and practices shaping the tourism field, and how principles of sustainable tourism are affecting tourism planning and management in the United States and abroad.

Program Cost and Deadlines

In November, all students can apply online for the $500 Faculty-led program stipends. Freshman can apply for the $1,000 Freshman Experience Grant.

All deposits are non-refundable . Failure to make payment in accordance with the deadlines could result in the office terminating the participant's enrollment in the program.  

$500 deposit, online application (link below), and uploaded passport or proof of passport application are due on Tuesday, December 1, 2016: Allow at least 6 weeks for passport processing.

The price includes:

  • Accommodations 
  • All airport taxes, security fees and fuel surcharges
  • Museum and Entrance Fees
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • All gratuities

The price does not include:

  • Transportation to/from JFK
  • Additional increases in taxes and fuel surcharges at the time of ticketing
  • Additional activities or optional trips
  • Personal expenses such as Wi-Fi, phone, and souvenirs
  • Currency fluctuation
  • Exceeding the airline’s baggage allowance


Itineraries and price are subject to change.

Jun 6: Depart from JFK to Athens

Jun 7: Arrive in Athens and transfer for a flight to the iconic island of Santorini (1 night in hotel in Santorini)

Jun 8: Bus tour to Akrotiri. Experience an archaeological site, followed by an early afternoon boat departure to the vibrant tourism island of Mykonos (1 night in hotel in Mykonos)

Jun 9: Bus tour to the famous beaches in Mykonos and departure to Rafia Port and connection with ferry from Rafina to Evia. (6 nights in hotel in Evia)

Jun 10-14: Trekking tours in the off-the-beaten path locations of South Evia. Explore places like the Ochi Mountains, Platanistos, Dimosaris Gorge, and Castello Rosso.

Jun 15: Bus tour through Chalkida (Evia Capital) to the ancient ruins of Delphi (1 night in hotel in Delphi)

Jun 16: Bus tour through the port cities of Patras to Nafplion (1 night in hotel in Nafplion)

Jun 17: Bus tour to Athens. (1 night in hotel in Athens)

Jun 18: City tour of Athens & transfer to the Athens airport. Arrive at JFK in the evening.

How to Apply


Directions for applying online:  

  1.  Log in to the portal and check off private computer
  2.  Open up your email so you do not time out 
  3.  Click here for the application
  4.  Follow the "St Joseph’s Study Abroad Program" checklist

Registration Deadlines

Priority is given to earliest applications. When you submit your deposit, also make sure that you have submitted your Global Studies portal Study Abroad Application form, a copy of your passport, medical insurance card and $500 non-refundable a non-refundable deposit by Monday December 5, 2016

Allow at least six weeks for passport processing.

Go to the Global Studies Office, in the Global and Experiential Center- Room 3, O'Connor Hall with your payment. Make all checks payable to St. Joseph's College with a note in the memo line: “Greece” and the student name. In order to guarantee enrollment in the program, these deadlines must be met.

For more information please contact:

Office of Global Studies 
Room 3, off the Student Hospitality Lounge in O’Connor Hall
631.687.1280 or [email protected]