Religious Studies and Philosophy Major

For centuries, a college education meant preparation in philosophy and theology. Now, there are many majors that students can choose from, but these two disciplines offer a breadth of knowledge that can factor into any profession.

Our philosophy majors often go into fields as diverse as business, technical writing and information technology. Religious studies majors can also branch out into a number of other professions, and as religion plays an increasing role in the global economy and politics, this area has become key for understanding and communicating across different cultures. Graduate professional programs, including medicine and law, also welcome our graduates.

St. Joseph's B.A. in Religious Studies and Philosophy, which is offered at the Long Island Campus, combines study of the two with a specialization in one.

Religious studies/philosophy majors must complete 36 credits in the two departments, including four specific courses in each area. An additional 9 credits must be earned in the discipline of choice and the senior thesis must be completed within that discipline. However, students who wish to combine this major with a major in another area can explore the possibility of a cross-disciplinary thesis.


Graduate Information Session
7/10: Long Island. For the School of Professional and Graduate Studies.
JB Baretsky & Trio
7/11 - 7/13: Long Island. Introducing old jazz standards to new audiences.
New York Mets Game
7/12: Brooklyn. Tickets on sale in Student Life starting June 16.
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