Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, you work one-on-one with a psychologist or therapist to clarify your concerns, create specific goals to work towards, better understand yourself and learn new skills to improve the way you function.

During the first meeting, you will be asked questions to get a sense of your strengths and the areas in which you need to improve, as well as your personal and emotional approach.  Then goals are created together and you meet regularly with your clinician to work on them.  

Because therapy is about having an authentic connection with someone who is trained to help, for some people, this process can sometimes stir up uncomfortable feelings as you develop deeper self-awareness, and do the internal work to grow. It is also important to be active in your participation to get the most out of therapy.

Therapy is free and confidential to all SJC students and records will not be linked to your official school transcript.

For more information, please visit ulifeline, an online tool which provides self-help resources, information on helping a friend and self-evaluation.

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