Statement from SJC President Dr. Boomgaarden on the Sri Lankan Bombings

April 22, 2019 BK LI

The recent bombings in Sri Lanka — which targeted Catholic churches, as well as popular tourism destinations on Easter Sunday, killing and injuring hundreds of people of all faiths — is an abomination and act of great evil. The attacks were not just on those directly harmed, but on everyone who values life, goodness and the freedom to worship God, no matter their faith. St. Joseph’s College condemns all acts of hatred and violence, and we stand in solidarity with the victims of these bombings and their families. We know that violence can never defeat the indomitable power of inclusive love, reconciliation and unity.

Donald R. Boomgaarden, Ph.D.
President, St. Joseph’s College of New York

SJC is a community that bands together in times of crisis. Counseling and support services are available to all members of the College community who are struggling to deal with the traumatic events that have overwhelmed our nation and the greater world. If you are in need of assistance at SJC Brooklyn, please reach out to Dr. Anissa Moody, director of counseling and wellness, at [email protected] or call 718.940.5734 or 718.940.5851. If you are in need of assistance at SJC Long Island, please reach out to Ms. Laurie McArdle, assistant director of wellness, at 631.687.1262 or email [email protected] to schedule a confidential appointment.