Update: Campus Events and Activities Cancelled

March 12, 2020 BK LI

As we continue to closely follow and navigate the constantly changing issues we are being faced with regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I wanted to provide the College with an update on the precautionary steps we are taking to prevent the spread of the virus and to further protect our College community. It is important to note that, to date, the College has no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on either campus, and these efforts are being instituted out of an extreme abundance of caution for the SJC community.

Effective today, the College has decided to cancel all campus activities for both SJC Brooklyn and SJC Long Island until further notice. This added precaution is being taken to limit the amount of people we have on our campuses and to further protect our students, faculty, staff and the entire SJC community. If you are a student worker, you should not report to campus. Please contact your supervisor to see if there is a way to work remotely. If not, you will continue to be paid for your normal hours during this time.

The cancellation of events also includes the suspension/postponement of all athletic activities on both campuses. We hope to resume athletic activities on Monday, March 30, unless otherwise noted. Previously scheduled games that are postponed will be rescheduled for a later date. If you are a student athlete and have questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to your coaches, as well as the appropriate athletic administration if and as needed.

The one exception to this would be the use of our campus libraries. Should an individual student need to utilize our library services during the next few weeks, the request to do so will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. However, this does not include group meetings, and our group study rooms will be off-limits during this time of transition. Students who wish to use the campus library should contact the Interim Executive Deans on their respective campuses to obtain permission to do so. Such access will only be granted to students who have no other internet capabilities. For permission to use the library at SJC Brooklyn, please contact Interim Executive Dean Dr. Raymond D’Angelo at [email protected]; for SJC Long Island, please contact Interim Executive Dean Dr. Eileen White Jahn at [email protected]. The library continues to be available to faculty and staff and will have modified hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Additionally, our campus food service providers have been asked to temporarily suspend services on both campuses, which means Evodio’s in Brooklyn and the Nest and Perch on Long Island are closed until further notice.

Moreover, all non-essential personnel should be making arrangements with their respective supervisors to also limit their time on campus.

Finally, as stated in our previous communications, the College has temporarily suspended in-person classes and is looking to temporarily move coursework to online platforms in an effort to minimize the disruption of your educational experience. While we understand this scenario may not be ideal for all, it is a step we are taking to help prepare us to continue to serve your educational needs during this time of uncertainty. A decision will be made by March 27, should we need to transition fully online in the future.

Thank you for your continued patience, flexibility and understanding as we continue to make these difficult decisions during this global outbreak. Your health and safety are our top priority and we will do everything we can to ensure this is as smooth a transition for you as possible.

We will continue to provide you with updates as new information becomes more readily available to us. In the meantime, please continue to periodically visit sjcny.edu/em/corona for updates and more information.