Adult students come with various life experiences and backgrounds.

Whether they're just starting college or their pursuit of a college degree was put on hold due to previous life responsibilities, adult students need to a college that accomodates their unique needs. St. Joseph's University offers various degrees that will address career needs for non-traditional students who are trying to establish or enhance their position in the workforce.

St. Joseph's University offers bachelor’s degrees and credit-bearing certificates to adults with diverse professional and personal backgrounds.

Program Features

  • Relevant degrees, flexible schedules and convenient campus and community-based sites.
  • Undergraduate credit for prior-experience.
  • Seminars and personal support, plus online distance learning options.
  • Recruitment and support for international students.
Michael Pope '16 • English Major 

"As a veteran of World War II, studying liberal arts was a dream for me. I had read Shakespeare on my own, but I never read it with a scholar ... it’s been so enriching to have these experiences."

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