Brooklyn Bears Hall of Fame Induction Guidelines

Brooklyn Bears Hall of Fame Induction Guidelines

The Committee will induct a minimum of two individuals or teams per year to the Brooklyn Bears Athletic Hall of Fame.

Eligibility for Nomination

  • Alumni are eligible for nomination five years after graduating
  • Teams are eligible five years following their recognized season
  • Former or retired coaches are eligible for nomination one year after leaving St. Joseph’s
  • Individuals who neither players nor coaches but have made significant contributions to the College’s athletic program are also eligible

Selection Criteria


  • Exemplified the highest ideals of college athletics, sportsmanship and the spirit of St. Joseph’s motto: Esse non Videri – To be, not to seem
  • Been a bona fide student and outstanding athlete
  • Made a significant impact on a particular team, made a significant impact on the overall athletic program or exhibited outstanding athletic ability while attaining significant athletic accomplishments


  • Won a national, regional or a statistical championship                      
  • Made an outstanding record during regular-season competition


  • Attained significant career accomplishments
  • Contributed significantly to the personal development of his/her players and the team
  • Active coaches may be nominated if they have served over 20 years at the time of nomination

Other Individuals:

  • Made an outstanding contribution to support the overall athletic program of St. Joseph’s College