SJCmentor offers SJC students and alumni some perspective on their future careers by matching them with accomplished alumni and other career experts in their field of interest.

Managed by the Office of Alumni Engagement, the program runs for one calendar year beginning with the date of the match notification. 

Goals of SJCmentor

  • Empower mentees to become successful professionals by matching them with mentors who can help guide their career decisions
  • Engage mentees and mentors with the College in a meaningful way
  • Ensure continued leadership development for mentors
  • Enhance the professional skills of both mentors and mentees through shared effort
  • Create a dedicated community of alumni who are inspired to give back with their time
  • Foster fun through shared experience

The program is designed to be flexible, interpersonal, simple and transparent. Monthly interactions can include phone meetings, Skype conferences, face-to-face meetings or any combination of each. Mentor/mentee interviews, orientation, follow-ups, events and other program specific elements are incorporated into the process to ensure a high level of communication and feedback. Joining the program is a simple one consisting of three steps: the mentee submits an online application, participates in an orientation meeting and gets matched with a mentor. The program relies on frequent and transparent communication among program participants and partners for its continued success.

SJCmentors are available to educate our mentees on the basics of their career and offer a unique insight into each mentee’s future. By joining our program, SJCMentors not only make a difference in the lives of mentees every day, but connect to a network of SJC alumni and students that have the potential to become future employees. The Office of Career Development and Engagement also assist our mentees with resume review, mock interviews, and job searching strategies as needed.

SJCmentor’s key premise is to advance the mission of the College by engaging our alumni community and providing leadership growth, lifelong learning and career advancement. 

SJCmentor Inquiry Form  

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Jean SafoschnikJean Safoschnik ’16 • SJCMentee

“Through the [SJCmentor] program, I was able to explore my potential career field, which led to me to finding my current job and furthering my education to obtain a master's in my field of interest.”

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For more information about the Alumni Mentoring Program contact Taryn Kutujian, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at [email protected].