For SJCmentors

For SJCmentors

Who is an SJCmentor?

An experienced professional with a degree from St. Joseph’s College and at least 10-15 years of experience in his or her field, who genuinely loves what s/he does, and would like to share his/her wisdom to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

Community leaders, friends of the College, and other industry professionals may be considered for a mentor role in order to foster the most enriching mentoring experience.

Why Be An SJCmentor?

  • Give back to your alma mater in a meaningful way
  • Help students/alumni who are just starting out or those in transition from other industries
  • Connect with other professionals and SJC alumni to explore opportunities, networks and knowledge bases
  • Recruit mentees as employees/interns
  • Grow as a leader through teaching and coaching a mentee on industry-specific advice for career success
  • Take advantage of campus venues and professional development opportunities available only to SJCmentors

How Do You Become An SJCmentor?

SJC alumni or professionals interested in becoming a mentor must fill out a short inquiry form online. Once an application is received, an SJCmentor staff member will follow up with the potential mentor for an informational meeting and program overview.

How are mentoring matches made?

Based on information acquired through personal interviews with potential mentors and mentees and matching criteria that includes professional interests, hobbies/values and location, mentees are paired with appropriate mentors. A match notification is sent by SJCmentor staff along with program information, guidelines and resources. Mentors/mentees are given the opportunity to evaluate their experiences at six months to determine whether any goals have been met and if new goals have been established.

What are expected of SJCmentors?

  • Contact their mentees at least once a month to share their experiences, answer any questions their mentees might have and provide them with guidance 
  • Support their mentee’s growth and provide additional resources as needed to help build the mentoring relationship
  • Help SJCmentor staff support the program by completing evaluation surveys at the end of the program

How Long Is The Program?

While the mentoring relationship is formally tracked by the College for one calendar year, we encourage mentoring pairs to continue thriving together and carry their collaborative relationship beyond the program’s guidelines.