Academic Center for English Language Studies

Academic Center for English Language Studies


Is English a new language for you? At St. Joseph’s College we have small classes, a friendly campus and professors who know your name and are invested in your success. But we don’t want you to just do well at St. Joseph’s. We want you to excel and that’s why we created ACES, a program especially for students whose first language is not English.

As an ACES student, you will take an advanced reading and writing course that gives you credits towards graduation and guarantees you the English skills and confidence you’ll need for success in college and beyond.

ACES provides additional academic support from experienced professors for as long as you need it. We’ll even help you with career counseling and admissions into the graduate school of your choice.

ACES offers fantastic cultural opportunities and outings to key arts centers in New York City such as BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), Playwrights Horizons, MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You'll make friends here from your first day on campus — and keep them for a lifetime.

ACES offers generous grants. In fact, joining the ACES program means that we’ll help pay your tuition, bringing the cost of a private college education within your reach, no matter what your finances look like.


Juanita AriasJuanita Arias '18
Biology and Sociology Double Major

“To fulfill my core, I chose Introduction to Sociology. This class has taught me lessons that I can apply to my life as an immigrant... Sociology offers me insights and concepts about the reality of so many people who live in the shadows.”

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The ACES High School Programs

The ACES Program offers a Summer Institute course for ESL high school sophomores and juniors every July. This course is a “College Experience” English course that also includes preparation for the Verbal section of the SAT. 

Please contact the ACES office between February and May for more information.