Featured Adolescence Education Students

Rebeca RamirezRebeca Ramirez '18
Mathematics Adolescence Education Major ⇒ 2017 Practice Makes Perfect Fellow

“This past summer I worked with an organization called Practice Makes Perfect, a full-service summer school operator that partners directly with schools for students in high-need communities. I was selected as a teaching fellow, one of 1,200 applicants to be exact. This job gave me the experience of a lifetime. I was literally a real teacher for the summer. I was assigned a sixth grade class out in Far Rockaway and I taught Rates and Ratios."

Amanda GillespieAmanda Gillespie '18
English Adolescence Education Major

“A love of reading and wanting to make a difference led me to St. Joseph's University's adolescence education program. Throughout my life I've been lucky enough to have fantastic teachers who challenged and helped me to grow as a person. I'd like to pay it forward.”

Brendan MoloneyBrendan Moloney '17
SJC English Adolescence Education Major ⇒ English Teacher at St. Patrick’s Catholic Academy

“When I was looking at schools, St. Joesph's College, seemed like the best fit for me. The school had a plethora of majors and academic oppuntunities, and its student body and administration were a genuine close-knit family that I knew I had to be a part of.”

Michele CiprianoMichele Cipriano '17
SJC History Adolescence Education Major ⇒ Religion Teacher at Fontbonne Hall Academy

“I always wanted to have a job that had meaning to it. I wanted to have a career that could help others. Being a teacher gives you a chance to help students grow and learn.”