Erika Soria ‘19

Erika SoriaNursing Four-Year Program Major

"I decided to attend SJC because of the family-like environment and the curriculum they have to offer. I have enjoyed my experience in SJC so far because of the welcoming students and faculty who have helped me transition from high school to college. 

"Although St. Joseph's University is a small school, it has a big heart for each and every student. I hope to make my four years of college worthwhile by creating new bonds, friendships and memories.

"Although St. Joseph's University is a small school, it has a big heart for each and every student."

"After graduation I plan to pursue my dream as a nurse and impact many lives. My mother inspired me to become a nurse. Through her passion to help those in need, dedication, and hard work she was able to pass down these characteristics to me. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of being a nurse and over time as I matured and educated myself about this career, I feel more passionate to become a nurse."

Favorite book? Quote?

"I love the Harry Potter series!"

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” – J. Cole  

Who has been the biggest influence on your life?

"Both my older brothers have been the biggest influences in my life. They shaped me to become the responsible and respectful woman that I am now. Both have taught me many life lessons that I can apply to my daily life."

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

"Beyoncé because she would be the only person to express how fierce and confident of a woman she is, just like me."

What is the best advice someone else has given you?

"To be yourself and get involved with extracurricular activities because that is where you will meet new and unique people."

Aside from content material, what is the best lesson a professor taught you in class?

"To not procrastinate!"

Who is your favorite professor?

"Professor Rajkumar because she makes our class so much more entertaining and interactive. She allows us to express ourselves through writing and inspires me to become a better writer."

What do you do in your spare time?

"I enjoy exploring and going on adventures. Also, I like to try new foods from different cultures."

What was the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

"My biggest challenge thus far is adjusting to the New York lifestyle. Since I am from California I am used to driving everywhere. Now that I am here I am more independent, I use public transportation to travel around the city and have to adapt to the climate change, but other than that I have fallen in love with New York."

What have you learned about yourself during your time at St. Joseph's University?

"I learned that I am an open-minded person, I am willing to try new things and make new friends. Also, I am not alone on this crazy journey we call college."