Featured Brooklyn Psychology Students

Hui LuiHui Liu  '19
Psychology Major

"It was my pleasure to study at St. Joseph and become a member of the Psychology Department. Here, you are not just learning psychological knowledge and skills, but also applying them to real-life situations. The professors not only teach you material but also care about you and support you in achieving your goals. Two important people I met are Prof. Lin and Prof. Anslow. When I was confused about my future educational goals, they offered me thoughtful advice and warm support. My experience at St. Joseph has helped me to become a better student and prepared me well for graduate school."

Adriana DiBenedettoAdriana DiBenedetto '16
Psychology Major and English Minor

"The mind is so incredibly complex and wonderful, yet we can’t do everything alone. We all need a hand up every now and then. Because it’s a very small campus, it was easy for students to reach out to their professors, and get the individual assistance they needed, while forging strong and lasting connections with others along the way. I've found that my professors within the psychology department really do follow through with their students, and are devoted to ensuring that they have the means to move forward."

Yusuf ClarkeYusuf Clarke '14
Psychology Major and English Minor

"Dr. Peter Lin is without question my favorite professor! Do you know hard it is to find a professor who can explain the concepts of psychology and the pick and roll?! He was perfect for me in his approach to teaching and always used current events in what his students learn relatable. He was one of the best things that could have happened for me during my tenure at St.  Joseph’s College."


Klara KurtiKlara Kurti '17
Psychology Major and ACES Program

"Each of my professors at SJC inspired me in their own unique way to pursue a career in counseling, and for that I am extremely grateful. One of the greatest things I have learned about myself while at SJC is who I am. Through all my successes and failures, I realized what my passions are in life, what I aspire to be after graduating, and ultimately who I am as a person."

Sahar RahmaniSahar Rahmani '18
Psychology Major and English Minor

"I recall when I first started as a freshman, and had no idea what I wanted to pursue for my undergraduate studies, but I always knew I had a strong interest in learning more about the human mind. I ended up taking an introduction to psychology course with Dr. Peter Lin and loved it — hence my decision to major in psychology. I have met so many great people at SJC and have made meaningful connections that I will carry with me in my professional life."

Michael MinerMichael Miner '15
Psychology and Sociology Major

"Knowing what I do now, SJC receives my highest recommendation. That is, my experience at SJC is akin to my experience in graduate school.  It was intellectually challenging but supportive and communal.  At SJC, I was never just a number in a classroom."

Lauren QuesadaLauren Quesada '20
Psychology Major, Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor

"Being a part of the Psychology Department, and the Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Track, has changed my life. Through meditation, I have learned more about myself than ever before. By knowing myself better I believe I am better equipped to help others. The skills I have learned have allowed me to become a better, more well-rounded person, and I am more than ready for life after SJC."

Jessica SelisteJessica Seliste '17
Psychology Major and Minor in Mathematics and Art

"One of the most memorable courses I took was Dr. Lin’s Mindfulness class. This class was different from the rest in how much of the work was practical as opposed to academic. Each week we got to try it for ourselves, and each sitting we got through was perhaps the most difficult assignment of all. Now I carry mindfulness with me in my daily life and self-care habits and I can help my future clients with it too."

Samantha SouthardSamantha Southard '18
Psychology Major

"At SJC, I was able to gain very comprehensive knowledge about the many different subdisciplines within psychology. The professors that taught these classes were beyond amazing and made me feel interested and secure with the course material. I always had a surplus of opportunities that allowed me to come out of my shell and experience new things. Being at SJC has truly prepared me for the future!"