Students in the Business Administration and Accounting Department may choose to have a concentration in either Finance, International Business, or Information Systems. If this option is chosen, the student must take specific electives as follows:


  • BUS 223 Money and Banking
  • BUS 280 Principles of Insurance
  • BUS 315 Principles of Investments
  • BUS 324 Advanced Managerial Finance
  • BUS 326 International Finance or
  • ECO 161 International Economic Problems
  • BUS 362 Internship in Business in the Finance Industry


  • BUS 275 Business in a Global Environment*
  • BUS 375 Global Sourcing

Two semesters of the same modern language with a grade of B or better

  • ECO 127 Comparative Economic Systems or ECO 161 International Economic Problems

* Required for Business Administration majors


  • 140 Microcomputer Applications I or COM/BUS 141 Microcomputer Applications II
  • #MGT 500 Leadership and Managerial Development
  • #MGT 510 Legal Issues in Management
  • #MGT 530 Management Information Systems
  • #MGT 550 Strategic Human Resources Management
  • #MGT 610 Statistical Applications in Research and Management
  • #MGT 630 Managerial Economics
  • #MGT 662 Corporate Financial Management
  • #MGT 690 Integrative Analysis in Management

# Denotes a graduate course. See graduate catalog for course descriptions.

Please Note: Students are eligible to apply for the BS degree after successfully completing their undergraduate course requirements (128 credits), which may include two graduate management (MGT 500 and one other 500-level MGT course) and two graduate accounting courses (ACC 545 and ACC 555).

Plus two courses from the following. Each course from a different department.

  • HIS 152 Contemporary International Problems
  • HIS 225 The Making of the Modern Middle East
  • HIS 220 East Asia
  • HIS 224 South and Southeast Asia
  • HIS 250 Latin America
  • HIS 255 A History of Southern Africa
  • POL 205 Comparative Governments
  • POL 215 International Relations
  • SOC 250 Social Change in Developing Countries

Some of the above courses can be applied towards other degree requirements.


  • COM 152 Computer Programming I
  • COM 200 Introduction to Computer Science*
  • COM 210 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • COM/BUS 288 Business Systems and Design
  • COM 360 Computer Communications and Networks
  • COM 380 Database Systems
  • MAT 203 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

*The department will require COM 200 for students who have insufficient background in binary numbers, algorithm development and database theory. All majors in the Department of Business Administration and Accounting are required to take MAT 200. However, students opting for the information systems concentration may, if they wish, take MAT 205 instead