To complete the psychology concentration, child study majors must complete 30 credits, including:

Required Courses


PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology B LI
PSY 200 Psychology of Learning OR
PSY 210 Cognitive Processes
PSY 220 Adolescent Psychology B LI
PSY 261 Psychology of Personality B LI

PSY 300 Psychological Testing


Students who have completed CS 321 must substitute an additional psychology elective in place of PSY 300. PSY 150 is recommended for concentrates. Students who plan to go to graduate school for psychology are advised to complete PSY 315, 380 and 391 as well.

Elective psychology courses should be selected from a variety of areas with departmental advisement. Biology is the preferred natural science core for psychology. Students preparing for graduate study in psychology are advised to complete courses in a foreign language and in computer science.