SJC Brooklyn Spanish Minor

SJC Brooklyn Spanish Minor

Be a great communicator. Learn to speak Spanish. Get ready.

Immerse yourself in literature, linguistics and a new culture. Take on a minor in Spanish at SJC Brooklyn. The ability to bridge the language gap between Spanish and English speakers is a coveted skill sought by employers in many fields.  

Our Spanish program is tailored to both non-heritage and heritage speakers. Take advantage of our small class sizes and faculty who work to foster a unique and supportive learning environment, where you stand to learn more about yourself and other people than just about anywhere else!

Considering that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the United States and in the world, a minor in the language will give you a competitive edge in any career path you choose.

The SJC Brooklyn Spanish Minor Experience

Range of Opportunities:  Our graduates go on to work in such fields as business, communication, government, international relations, interpretation and translation, journalism, nursing and teaching.


Open to All: SJC Brooklyn’s Spanish program is open to both heritage and non-heritage speakers, providing all students the chance to develop and advance their language skills.


Take Your Pick: A minor in Spanish pairs well with most of the majors at SJC. Try pairing it with a major in journalism and new media studies, speech, criminal justice or psychology