Clinton D. Bear To Exhibit Work At MoMA

"Hibernation in Oils" comes to the Museum of Modern Art this month.

The Brushstrokes of Clinton D. Bear

There's not much to Clinton D. Bear '16, other than a tanktop, a pair of shorts and blue shoes, and an infectious smile. You'd never imagine that beneath the layers of fur and approachability, a burgeoning artist lies in waiting.

After debuting a series of food-inspired canvasses that evoked comparisons to Caravaggio's "Basket of Fruit," Bear was given a three-week run at the Tuohy Hall Alumni Room on SJC's Brooklyn Campus.

The reviews were unanimous: A star had been born.

Today it was announced that Bear's newest exhibit, "Hibernation in Oils," will be featured at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art later this month. 

Who is Clinton Devereux Bear?

A resident of Fort Greene, Bear was raised to never hide from himself. With a strong sense of his goals, he enrolled at St. Joseph's College. He declared art as his major, and food as his concentration. There's no doubt you'll see him trolling the lines of Evodio's Place or perusing the Pre-Raphaelites at McEntagart Library. A future graduate of 2016, St. Joseph's 100th anniversary, Bear is hoping to spread the word about the small liberal arts education that served him so well. 

"Brooklyn is my canvas," he told The New Yorker in February. "St. Joseph's College is my paintbrush. And my massive gaping mouth is where I place food when I am hungry."

Has there ever been such a skilled artist to grace SJC Brooklyn?

"Yes, it is difficult to get Clinton D. Bear to focus on a topic or discussion," art department chair Dawn Lee, M.F.A., told reporters, "because he is a bear. And he's always so very hungry. But once you put a pallette over his massive claws, a transformative undertaking occurs. Clinton is a true artist. A renaissance bear the contemporary art world hasn't seen for generations."

Things are moving quickly for Bear. An April that will see his work on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art throughout the month is nothing that he can't handle. 

"My art is something I am passionate about, yes," Bear says. "But I'm also interested in step dancing, and giving back to my community." 

Bear doesn't seek fame and fortune. He simply wants to serve, through his art and in one of his passions: Habitat for Humanity.

"I'll be spending my spring break volunteering in the post-Sandy Jersey Shore cleanup efforts," Bear said. "People don't talk about the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy anymore, but there's still plenty of work to be done. Sure, there's not a lot of glitz and glamour there, but people need our help. And wherever there's a cause ..."

Clinton D. Bear saw a sandwich at this point and sprinted toward it on all fours. We can only wonder where he'll end up, but one thing's for sure: he'll be hungry for more.