Parents and Families

Parents and Families

The Office of Career Development and Engagement at St. Joseph’s College thanks you for taking an interest in your child’s career development.

Parents and families are an integral part in the career development process of their children. Students often turn to their parents and families for guidance and direction as they make important career decisions.

Parents are usually quite aware of their child’s strengths, weaknesses and personality characteristics, but are not always sure of they can assist their college age children with the career planning process. Our Office believes that the ideal combination for the future success of our students consists of parents and families providing support and encouragement, while empowering their child to take responsibility for their own career exploration and decision making process.

The mission of the Office of Career Development and Engagement is to foster career development that educates, inspires confidence and empowers students to clarify and attain their goals.

Our vision is to assist students in discovering and exploring possibilities, engage in meaningful experiences and develop the strategies necessary in making mindful career decisions.

Our mission, in conjunction with the support and encouragement from parents and families, is a powerful combination that can help to propel the career development of each student at St. Joseph’s College.

The Office of Career Development offers the following tips to help you encourage your child to attain a strong foundation for career success.

Take Advantage

We strongly suggest that your child take advantage of the Office of Career Development and Engagement resources as soon as they enter the College.

Fulfill Potential

Our office offers complete career services to help students choose a major, explore careers, develop a plan, gain experience, apply to graduate school and to find a fulfilling and rewarding career.  

Download Four-Year Plan

Transfer Student Career Development Plan


Motivate your child to take full advantage of all the career services that are available to them. Resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, on line job board system, mentoring program and participating in career workshops and events are just some of the many services that are key to career success.

Resume writing guide

Cover letter writing guide

Internship guidance guide

Interview preparation guide

Graduate school guide


Interview Stream


When speaking with your child, keep an open mind about their interests and goals. Periodically discuss with them their career plans, but encourage them to make their own choices.


Become involved by encouraging your child to explore and further develop their interests through campus activities, leadership positions, community service, study abroad, research opportunities, internships and part-time jobs.

Global Studies
Student Clubs and Organizations


Share job and internship listings that you or your place of employment might have available.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What if my son/daughter is undecided about their major?

Being undecided about your major is actually more common than people think. St. Joseph’s College offers a great educational foundation that will allow your child to explore options. The Office of Career Development and Engagement also provides students with support, whether through informal or formal career assessments to help them narrow down and select a major. Encourage them to make an appointment with a counselor.

How can I help my child be more successful in landing a job after graduation?

Encourage your child to meet with the Office of Career Development and Engagement early on in their college career along with promoting opportunities to get involved on campus and in your local community. Also, know the resources that are available at the College to help them be successful in not only their academics, but skill building opportunities in service and leadership roles. Starting early is also essential and meeting with the Office at least once a semester is a great way to get a head start on building their resume, cover letter, practicing interviewing and learning how to conduct successful job search strategies.

My child is not very outgoing and struggles to ask for guidance, how can I get them to make an appointment?

Speak with your child openly about their concerns. Let them know that asking for support is not easy for everyone, but not receiving support can be even more stressful. The Office can be reached either in person, by phone or via email.

What do I do if my son/daughter wants to go into a field that I think may not pay very well?

As a parent we only want the best for our children and we want our children to be more successful than we have been. Encourage them to do the research on their career field of choice so that when they make their decision, they know full well what they are getting into. Have an open dialogue about your concerns, but be supportive as each person has their own measure of success and values.

I know that internships and extracurricular activities are important, but my child must work to keep up with their college expenses. How do they to do both?

With careful planning, your son or daughter can make money for college and get experience for the future. If your child is unable to get a relevant part-time job or paid internship, they could get a part-time job and volunteer at organization to get experience.  Summer is also a great time to do an internship. Please encourage them to meet with a career counselor to help with this challenge.