Four-Year Career Plan

Four-Year Career Plan

Did you know the career preparation process begins as soon as you enter St. Joseph’s College?

The counselors in the Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development are here to provide you with personalized services to assist you in mapping out and discovering your career goals. The office has designed a four-year career development plan, which can be tailored to your specific career needs and provides a framework to help you gain the most from your college experience.

Freshman Year:

Self-assessment and career planning

The first year of college is an exciting time: a new school, new network of friends and new experiences. While you are beginning this journey, keep in mind that the Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development has a number of tools and resources to help you start uncovering your career path.

Sophomore Year:

Career exploration

With a full year of college completed, you should be one step closer to selecting a major. To stay on track with your career development plan, it is important to choose your academic courses with purpose.

Junior Year:

Experience and goal setting

By now, you have selected a major and are narrowing down your career choices. Networking, gaining experience in your field and developing leadership skills are all key aspects of this academic year.

Senior Year:

Implementation and transition

Graduation is just around the corner. Whether you are planning to attend graduate school or begin your career, the Office of Career Preparation and Professional Development can assist you with this transition. There is still time to gain experience, network with employers, perfect your résumé and practice interview skills.

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