Academic Organizations

Child Study Club

The Child Study Club is open to students of all majors. Its intention is to promote events and activities that have to do with early childhood, childhood and special education.

Meetings are held monthly, and there are at least 4 events per year that members are encouraged to plan and attend. These events are often attended by the Dillon Child Study Center students, and include activities such as a Halloween party, a literacy event, an Easter party, etc. For the past few years, the Child Study Club has hosted a Valentine's Day dance for clients at the Guild for Exceptional Children. The Child Study Club also sponsors educational events such as APA format and SESIS workshops, and engages in the partnership that the Child Study department has with P.S. 247.

Law and Justice Society


Law and Justice Society looks at one of the most important institutions in our nation, the criminal justice system. We host debates on controversial topics, hold open panel discussions on sensitive topics and bring a new way to look at the ever changing system. 



NSSLHA (Speech Club)

The National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) is a pre-professional membership association for students interested in the study of communication sciences and disorders. We strive to create an awareness and understanding of speech pathology.

Last year, Our Time Theatre Company performed at St. Joseph's College. Our Time provides a safe community free from judgment, where children who stutter come together and express themselves creatively. This year, the club is planning to have more events to educate the SJC community on speech disorders and how people have overcome them and accomplished their goals. Throughout the year, the funds we raise will be donated to the National Stuttering Association.


In addition to regular club meetings, we also participate in Teen Club events throughout the semester. Past events also include the Autism Speaks Walk.                                     

Psychology Club

The mission of the psychology club is to develop an interest in the understanding and study of psychology. We also educate students on the different aspects of psychology through events featuring guest speakers, films and demonstrations. The Psychology Club aims to encourage the application of theories in everyday life while providing support for those interested in entering a psychology-related field.


Graduate School Informational Session


Club email: [email protected]

Recreation Club



The Recreation Club promotes awareness and raises money for causes such as the Breast Cancer Walk, ALS Walk, the MS Walk, etc.

The  Recreation Club  is not really a club about playing games as people may think, it is  about giving back and giving a help hand to those in need. We show that we care about everyone whether they have a disability or not. We want to show others that someone's life doesn't stop due to their disability. As a club we show and express that people who have disabilities are as equally important as people without disabilities, and that they should live everyday of their lives to the fullest.


  • Annual presentation of the "What is Recreation?" event
  • Annual gift giving, caroling at Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Annual participation in the MS Walk and the Breast Cancer Walk
  • Annually host the Metropolitan Chapter of New York State Recreation and Parks Society's professional conference
  • Annually host the ALS Ride for Life talk with Chris Pendergast
  • Annually send students to the Downstate Recreation Conference in Westchester
  • Had a Street Games event where we played games from our childhood in spring of 2015
  • We help out at Teen Club Night at Our Lady Help of Christians Church

Science Club

The Science Club seeks to heighten the understanding and awareness of developments in science and the health-related fields.

The club, in an informal atmosphere, promotes an open dialogue among other science students. With this communication, students gain a deeper understanding of the many fields of science. The Science Club has participated in blood drives, talent shows, trips to Boston and Philadelphia, Pilates and yoga workshops.


Dr. Jill Rehmann guides and supports these creative future scientists. As chair of the New York section of the American Chemical Society, Dr. Rehmann and her committee are planning a trip to the New York Hall of Science, with educational games, experiments and demonstrations to investigate the excitement of contemporary science.