Greek and Social Organizations

Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity


Founded in 1914, Alpha Phi Delta is the only Italian-American heritage Fraternity. It is the top represented fraternity in the New York Tri-State Area with nearly 20,000 lifelong members. Our non-profit organization strives to serve local communities and promote a lasting brotherhood that goes beyond college days.


  • Centennial Celebration
  • Trance-Master Hypnosis Show
  • St. Joseph's Founder Day Celebration
  • Greek Olympics



Beta Upsilon Delta Sorority

Founded in 1978, the Beta Upsilon Delta (B.U.D.) sorority establishes a loyal sisterhood among its members through bonds of friendship and service to St. Joseph's College and the community. Our beliefs are centered in the mantra of sisterhood, trust and equality.


Email: [email protected]

Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association seeks to create a stronger sense of community amongst the St. Joseph’s College students living at the St. George Residence by integrating them into the larger College community.

S.A.A.C. (Student Athlete Advisory Committee)

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee acts as the liaison between students and athletes by making athletes more visible in campus activities and encouraging students to support the SJC Bears by attending games and events.