First Year Experience

Students of all abilities and backgrounds have a variety of needs when they enter college. St. Joseph’s College has responded with an extensive and multi-faceted program that attempts to help students begin their collegiate experience with support from the academic and co-curricular areas. The First Year Experience (FYE) is an extended orientation program that facilitates students’ transition from high school to college. Attendance is mandatory in order to complete the program and fulfill Core Curriculum requirements.

The FYE Program meets once a week during Common Hour (1-1:55 p.m.) in assigned classrooms or in the auditorium. It provides opportunities for freshmen to dialogue with one another as well as interact with student life staff advisers and upperclassmen who serve as peer mentors. Groups will explore college resources, support services and campus life while participating in special activities designed to cultivate intellectual, social and civic development. Some of the topics include: College Success Strategies; Transitioning from High School to College; Promoting Health and Wellness; Preparing for a Career; and Community Service/Civic Engagement. FYE is complemented by an academic component. Every freshman will take an SJC 100 course taught by a member of the faculty. Each section of SJC 100 follows a specific topic, created by individual professors following their own specializations and interests. Yet, all the SJC 100 sections will teach common academic skills to students, such as how to read a book critically, how to study for a college level final exam, and how to use twenty-first century college libraries.

St. Joseph’s College believes that by attending to the academic aspects of college life, along with the social and emotional needs of incoming freshmen, the SJC 100 course and the FYE Program work together to foster success for all of our students.