Multicultural Organizations

Asian Awareness Club


The purpose of this club is to raise awareness on Asian cultures, as well as bridge the gap between acceptance and multiculturalism. We hope to accomplish this by hosting events throughout the academic year that aim to explore cultural diversity. We welcome members of all nationalities.

Black Student Association


Provides the opportunity for students on campus to explore and experience cultural enlightenment.

Enhance educational and social experience pertaining to issues prevalent to African Americans.


Instagram: @bsa_inspires

Gaelic Society

The Gaelic Society strives to increase the knowledge and appreciation of Irish culture throughout the St. Joseph’s College community.


Email: [email protected]

Women's Empowerment Club

Women's Empowerment Club seeks to encourage, support, inspire, and motivate our college community to work together to promote positive feminism.


Italian American? Got Pride? We do too!

Paesanos, the new Italian-American club at the Brooklyn Campus, celebrates the Italian-American heritage while simultaneously educating the rest of the campus on our rich culture that expands further than food. You don't need to be Italian-American to be a Paesano — all are welcome.


Email: [email protected]

Poder Latino

Poder Latino promotes and celebrates the Hispanic culture by creating events on and off campus. At St. Joseph's College there are a variety of Hispanic members that come from diverse backgrounds. Note: You do not have to be Hispanic or of Hispanic descent to be in the club. We welcome all who are interested to find out more about our culture and appreciate the diversity we bring to the SJC community. 


Facebook: Poder Latino- St. Joseph's College
Instagram: @poderlatinosjc

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) seeks to celebrate the Palestinian culture and educate the student body on the inter-sectional social justice movement not only in Palestine but around the world.