Recreation Club



The Recreation Club promotes awareness and raises money for causes such as the Breast Cancer Walk, ALS Walk, the MS Walk, etc.

The  Recreation Club  is not really a club about playing games as people may think, it is  about giving back and giving a help hand to those in need. We show that we care about everyone whether they have a disability or not. We want to show others that someone's life doesn't stop due to their disability. As a club we show and express that people who have disabilities are as equally important as people without disabilities, and that they should live everyday of their lives to the fullest.


  • Annual presentation of the "What is Recreation?" event
  • Annual gift giving, caroling at Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
  • Annual participation in the MS Walk and the Breast Cancer Walk
  • Annually host the Metropolitan Chapter of New York State Recreation and Parks Society's professional conference
  • Annually host the ALS Ride for Life talk with Chris Pendergast
  • Annually send students to the Downstate Recreation Conference in Westchester
  • Had a Street Games event where we played games from our childhood in spring of 2015
  • We help out at Teen Club Night at Our Lady Help of Christians Church