SJC Brooklyn Sweethearts

SJC Brooklyn Sweethearts

Love is in the air at St. Joseph's College

  • Dozens of alumni have found their sweethearts in SJC’s classrooms, libraries and extracurricular organizations. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we're happy to salute some of the many alumni who came to St. Joseph’s as individuals and left with a love to last a lifetime.

    2018 Valentine's Day SJC Brooklyn Sweethearts...

    Daniel Velez '11 and Aliza Hernandez '14

    ""On our first Valentine's Day, I was scheduled to work at the school gym. However, Daniel brought me dinner and coerced me to skip out on my responsibilities. He blindfolded me, and two hours later, we were in a theatre!"

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    Sean Dorso '11 and Madeline DiNapoli '14

    "Always remember to love and appreciate your friends, family and significant others not only today, but every day."

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Thomas Fonte ’75 and Linda Incorvaia Fonte ’75 

"In the words of Thomas Merton: 'Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone — we find it with another.'" 

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Wayne and Cindy Warmbier '07 

"Celebrate each other and your love, no matter what day it is."

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SJC Brooklyn Sweethearts of Years Past...

Kone coupleAyana Kone '07 and Boubacar Kone '07

“Love heals all. Gives all and makes the best out of us even on your worst days. All we need is love.”

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Rogowski coupleJan Rogowski '13 and Caitlyn Kakavas '12

"​Enjoy every single day of your college experience, especially with your friends. These are some of the best years of your life."

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Leddy coupleTheresa Power Leddy '91 and Brian Leddy '91

"Keep your heart open — sometimes the one you are meant to share your life with is right in front of you."

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Ward coupleJack Ward '00 Chrisianne Contorno Ward '01

"​Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Let your love guide you on your journey together."

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Arroyo coupleJoseph Arroyo '82 and Kathleen (Woods) Arroyo '82

“Our daughter Mallory '14 met her boyfriend Tim '15 at SJC, and they've been happily together for over a year.  Even if you drift apart during college, time can bring you back together with your SJC sweetheart after college.”

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Bosque coupleDanielle Endes '13 and Javier Bosque '14

"Even if you have a significant other in college, make time for your friends and other college activities. You don't have to spend every second with them to show them you love them. You will appreciate their company more in the long run."

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Burke coupleNatalie Burke '07 and Christopher Burke '07

"Building a friendship first, will lead to a long, loving, lasting relationship."

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DAgosto coupleKathryn Marino '13 and Anthony D'Agosto '13

"Love happens when you least expect it and sometimes with someone unexpected. No matter how crazy life gets always remember to enjoy yourselves and live in the moment!"

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Dziewit coupleJoanna Marciniec '12 and Michael Dziewit '10

“Don't get caught up on social media! Keeping certain things to yourselves is so important in any relationship. Sharing your problems online will not help!”

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Kreitsch coupleDaneielle Rondello Kreitsch '99 and Jason Kreitsch '99

"Live life with an open heart and let love find its way in — love, in all its forms, is a beautiful thing!"

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Mace coupleDaniel Mace '03 and Christina Traverson-Mace '06

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OBrien couplePatrick O'Brien '98 and Karen O'Brien '99

"Find someone who supports and challenges you, and enjoy this time together!"

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Scanlon coupleMichael Scanlon '00 and Alicia Scanlon '02

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Vilsaint coupleVirginia L. Arroyo-Vilsaint '94 and Goetz L. Vilsaint Esq. '93

"Be friends, be lovers and be honest in everything that you do for each other. Love simply is!"

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