Sean Dorso ’11 and Madeline DiNapoli ’13

Majors: Business / Speech Communication
Careers: Customer Service Representative / Marketing Coordinator

Where did you meet?
We met at SJC, but we technically had our first encounter at the Clinton and Washington G train station leaving class one evening.

Did a classmate introduce you?
Michael Capizzo was the mutual friend (more Sean's friend) and was at the train station when we first started talking, so yes!

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?​
Sean dedicated a song to me that he sang in front of everyone at a Chorus Show on his birthday.

Where was your first date?
My Little Pizzaria.

First movie you saw together?
The Dark Knight. 

The proposal:
It was perfect! Beginning in August 2017, Sean started gradually giving me themed puzzle pieces that were collectively putting together photos from our 7 1/2-year relationship. All the pieces to each section of the puzzle were in individual themed bags that I received during special moments leading up to the proposal day. On October 22, 2017, Sean brought me to the Central Park Zoo, where I finished the final section of the puzzle that read “Will you marry me?”

According to a Facebook study, 28 percent of married couples attended the same college. What is it about college that makes it the right place for so many people to meet their spouses?
It's a very social time in your life where you are surrounded by a tight-knit group of people who have so much in common (similar age, same school, possibly same studies). It's easier and more comfortable to approach people and take risks in this type of environment.

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Happy Valentine's Day, SJC! Always remember to love and appreciate your friends, family and significant others not only today, but every day.