Ayana Kone ‘07, EMBA ‘09 and Boubacar Kone ‘07

Kone coupleMajors: Management, Executive Masters of Business Administration
Careers: AML Officer/Team Leader, Compliance

Where did you meet?
In front of the library of SJC Brooklyn.

Did a classmate introduce you?
A mutual teacher introduced us.

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?
Our first meeting, Boubacar called it "First sight love!"

Where was your first date?
At a Japanese restaurant in Brooklyn Heights

First movie you saw together:
Jet Li's last full feature film, Fearless, which had a sweet love story in it too!

The proposal:
We were at Times Square New Year's Eve 2006 and I asked him what would he like from me for the new year — be it Changes or more of something — Boubacar said he wanted me to be his wife! It was magical.

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Love heals all. Gives all and makes the best out of us even on your worst days. All we need is love.

Kone family