Danielle Rondello Kreitsch ‘99 and Jason Kreitsch ‘99

Kreitsch coupleMajors: Child Study / Mathematics
Careers: Stay-at-home Momprenauer / IT Systems Director

Where did you meet?
"The Fishbowl" in the Library Building aka McEntagert Hall. It was a few weeks into freshman year.

Did you take any classes together?
In Senior Year we took "Death & Dying" together. It was a Theology course taught by Sister Josephine Cavanaugh.

Did a classmate introduce you?
Yes, though we had admired each other from afar for a few weeks, it was Tai Ming Lee, Jr. that officially introduced us. He was hanging out in The Fishbowl with Jason when I (Danielle) walked in.

Did you join a club to get closer to one another?
Not a club specifically, but learning that Jason was a Math major, (and wanting to get to know him better anyway) I had asked if he would tutor me for a placement test for a basic core Math class I needed to take (I'm embarrassed to say I had failed the placement test the first time, so I really needed the help). He agreed to tutor me and so we started spending a lot of time together and the rest is history.

Kreitsch couple

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?
Attending our first event as an official couple — the "SJC Oldies Dance" in the Spring of 1996.

Where was your first date?
Planet Hollywood in Manhattan.

First movie you saw together:
The Birdcage

Did you (or will you) name your child "Joseph/Josephine?"
Our middle son, Alexander's middle name is Josef, after his paternal great-grandfather (and SJC!).

Any relationship advice for current students?
Attending SJC events together was always a lot of fun for us. Try to attend as many as you can. Enjoying college life together is a really special blessing. If you are lucky enough to meet the love of your life, while there, cherish every second!! So many nice memories to look back on and tell your kids!

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Live life with an open heart and let love find its way in — Love, in all its forms, is a beautiful thing!