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Jack Ward ‘00 and Chrisianne Contorno Ward ‘01

Ward coupleMajors: Psychology (Jack)/Child Study (Chrisianne)
Careers: Suffolk County police officer (Jack)/Elementary reading teacher (Chrisianne)

Where did you meet?
Psychology 100 — we went on to take many psychology and sociology classes together. 

Did a classmate introduce you?
Yes — a mutual friend called Chrisianne and told her that Jack from the fraternity had a crush on her. Chrisianne knew him as the loud guy in the back of the classroom. 

Favorite budding SJC courtship memory?
When Jack used to leave notes on Chrisianne's car, or would drive her to her car when she parked far away. We would sit in the car and talk for hours. 

Where was your first date?
A rainy night at a pool hall in Levittown, close to where we now live. 

First movie you saw together:
Finding Nemo, we now take our kids to Disney world at least once a year. 

The proposal:
On Chrisianne's 24th birthday. Jack hung a birthday banner on the front door of his house, where we are now raising our family. He filled the hallway with balloons. Chrisianne followed the trail of birthday decorations to a bouquet of pink roses and Jack in the bedroom. He read her a four-page letter professing his love, and presented her with a beautiful ring. 

What's your message to the SJC community this Valentine's Day?
Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Let your love guide you on your journey together. Laughter is truly the best medicine. 

Ward couple