Steven J. Kuehhas, Esq.

Steven J. Kuehhas, Esq.


Criminal Justice LI



Prof. Kuehhas began teaching at St. Joseph’s College in the Spring semester, 2010. His adjunct teaching career began at Briarcliffe College in 1992, where he taught for twenty years (2012) teaching a wide variety of both paralegal studies and criminal justice courses. Since 2010, Professor Kuehhas has been teaching Criminal Procedure each spring semester at St. Joseph’s while also teaching at Suffolk County Community College in both fall and spring semesters.

A career prosecutor and Bureau Chief, Prof. Kuehhas left the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office after thirty years of service to become Undersheriff in the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office under Sheriff Vincent DeMarco in July 2016. His duties include oversight of operations for both the civilian, Corrections and Deputy Sheriff personnel.

He will continue in that capacity under newly elected Sheriff Errol Toulon, Jr., Ed.D.

Prof. Kuehhas is married and the father of two. He is a student of history and enjoys listening to history lectures by university scholars in their field.