SJCNY Spring 2021 - Academics

SJCNY Spring 2021 - Academics

Ready. Set. Reopen

Updated 12/11/2020

SJC is committed to ensuring that all students, regardless of whether or not they are on campus, receive the meaningful, high-quality educational experience that they deserve and expect. The information below provides more details and some of the scenarios that may emerge as the College navigates the spring semester.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Please check back in the coming weeks.

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When will classes begin?

Classes start on January 28 for the spring.

How will courses be taught in the spring?

The College is adopting a multifaceted approach to reopening this spring and has developed four options for course delivery: Remote, Hybrid, On-Ground and Online.

What does the Remote option entail?

The Remote option involves students meeting with faculty members and classmates at regularly scheduled times, typically using Zoom or a similar video conferencing platform, with the courses built around the Canvas learning management system. Given the social distancing requirements related to COVID-19, many courses taught this spring will be via this option.

What does the Hybrid option entail?

The Hybrid option combines the Remote option with an on-ground component. Students will come to campus for class for half of the course sessions and the other half of  instruction/interaction would take place remotely as described above. An example of this would be for a class that normally meets on Mondays and Wednesdays — with half of the classes coming to campus on Mondays and the other half coming on Wednesdays — with the remainder of the instruction/interactions taking place remotely.

What does the On-Ground option entail? 

Students taking a class with the On-Ground option would come to campus in the same manner that they would during a normal semester.

What are Online Courses?

The College offers a robust selection of online courses. An important difference between this option and the remote option is that these courses are offered in an “asynchronous” manner, meaning that class activities are not tied to a set schedule and that students and faculty would not be interacting with each other in real time as they would with the remote option.

What happens if I have a remote/hybrid class immediately before or after an in-person class?

In the event that you cannot easily transition between the two, you may request a room assignment on campus so that you have space to join your “remote” or remotely held “hybrid” class on time. If you know that you will regularly be on campus at a specific time each week and will need a space to join a "remote" or remotely held “hybrid” class, please fill out a classroom assignment request form.

Please review your schedules carefully as some remotely held “hybrid” courses will have remote meeting days that may coincide with days that you are on campus. Furthermore, students may have a “remote” or remotely held “hybrid” session either before or after in-person classes; if this is the case, it is recommended that you request classroom space in advance.

Before the start of the semester, you will be notified which room you can go to during that "remote" class time.  You will need your own device and a set of headphones to do this, as there will likely be some other students assigned to the same socially-distanced campus space.  If you have these needs for on campus space for more than one course, please fill out a separate form for each request.

Please note that this request form is only for students who have an "on ground" class scheduled too closely to a "remote" class to safely get to and from campus. All other students will be expected to access their "remote" classes from off-campus.

Will there be academic support services available for students taking courses in each of the four options?

Yes. The College provides a variety of academic resources, including tutoring, which are available on-campus and online.

What about clinical placements and student teaching during the spring?

Every effort will be made to place students in the field. The College will file with New York State a plan for alternative means to provide clinical and student teaching experiences. These ways include such things as virtual fieldwork using video platforms that are pertinent to the area of study. Similarly, for some specialized programs, the College has developed approaches that satisfy pertinent accreditation standards. All of these accommodations are in compliance with program requirements and will enable students to remain on track to graduate following successful completion. 

Will remote video class sessions be recorded?

All remote video class sessions will be recorded for viewing at a later time, including by those who did not have the opportunity to attend the session or sessions live. If you attend the live sessions, but wish not to be recorded, you must join the session with your video/cameras off. If you are under the age of 18, you must join the session with your video/camera off. If you leave your video/camera on, this will constitute your confirmation that you are over 18 years of age, and further that you consent to being recorded and to the use of such recording by the College.

Will live remote video classes have a chat function for students?

For all live sessions, it is important to note that the chat function will be activated (unless the instructor advises it has been disabled) in order for participants in the live session to submit questions during and following the presentation. Chats may be recorded along with the video and will be part of the session recording. These will also be seen by those who view the recording at a later date. If a participant submits a chat question during a live session this will constitute consent to those chats being recorded, as well as the use of such recordings by the College in the future.

Will the bookstore be open?

SJC Long Island

The bookstore is open and has implemented social distancing measures, rigorous cleaning protocols, contactless payment, reduced occupancy and customer & employee mask requirements.

Check back soon for dates.

SJC Brooklyn and SJC Long Island

Online Ordering

Online orders can be placed on the bookstore's website. Course materials will take priority and ship in 1 to 2 business days. All other orders may experience longer shipping times than usual based on local conditions. We also have expanded our availability of digital course materials which provides you access to your materials immediately after order processing.