SJCNY Spring 2021 - Information Technology

SJCNY Spring 2021 - Information Technology

Ready. Set. Reopen

Updated: 12/3152020

The Office of Information Technology is here to help the SJC community navigate the technological interplay between remote and hybrid modalities and support all campus stakeholders in the delivery of the academic and co-curricular experience. Please see below for information to assist you in working towards your goals for the fall semester.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Please check back in the coming weeks.

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I currently am using a College laptop for my classwork. Do I have to return it?

You are expected to return the laptop at the end of the Spring semester. If you still require the use of an SJC laptop, you will need to renew for the summer or fall terms by completing this form

I need a laptop to perform remote/hybrid coursework and cannot afford one. What do I do?

If you need to borrow a laptop to perform coursework, please complete this form. Please note, this must be approved by the Executive Dean.

I do not have reliable internet access. How will I complete my work or participate in remote/hybrid courses without it?

Please contact your individual faculty members or your advisor to discuss arrangements. The College is working to be flexible and provide support for students.

I am a new freshman. How do I gain access to remote courses via Carry On/Canvas?

Information on accessing the College’s learning management system, Canvas, can be found on our Carry on Learning site.

I’m a new student. How do I access the MySJC portal to get to my email account, Canvas and WebAdvisor?

View our information on available services and how to login on our Get Connected page.

My class is being held via Zoom. What do I need to do to participate?

Zoom instructions for students can be found on our Carry On Learning site.

Is there information available that will help me prepare for remote learning?

There are resources, links and documents available on Carry On Learning that will help you to prepare.

Will remote video class sessions be recorded?

All remote video class sessions will be recorded for viewing at a later time, including by those who did not have the opportunity to attend the session or sessions live. If you attend the live sessions, but wish not to be recorded, you must join the session with your video/cameras off. If you are under the age of 18, you must join the session with your video/camera off. If you leave your video/camera on, this will constitute your confirmation that you are over 18 years of age, and further that you consent to being recorded and to the use of such recording by the College.

Will live remote video classes have a chat function for students?

For all live sessions, it is important to note that the chat function will be activated (unless the instructor advises it has been disabled) in order for participants in the live session to submit questions during and following the presentation. Chats may be recorded along with the video and will be part of the session recording. These will also be seen by those who view the recording at a later date. If a participant submits a chat question during a live session this will constitute consent to those chats being recorded, as well as the use of such recordings by the College in the future.