SJCNY Spring 2021 - Health and Safety

Ready. Set. Reopen

Updated: 12/23/2020

The primary concern of the College is the health and safety of every member of its community. As the College continues to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19, please see below for important information to help keep the College community healthy and safe as operations resume this spring.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available. Please check back in the coming weeks.

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Are there new protocols for hygiene and campus cleaning procedures?

Yes. The College will ensure access to handwashing facilities on site, including soap and running  water, and will encourage frequent hand washing; alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol can be used as an alternative; high touch areas, such as workstations, equipment, screens, doorknobs, etc., will be sanitized by maintenance throughout the day, every day. In addition, the College will conduct frequent cleanings and disinfection of facilities (at least daily and more frequently if feasible). Cleaning logs will be kept indicating date, time and scope of cleaning. In heavy transit areas, high-touch surfaces will be frequently disinfected.

What are the classroom safety protocols?

Classes will be at reduced capacity, and will be placed in the largest classrooms available according to the enrollment. Everyone, including the instructor, will wear appropriate facial coverings. Classrooms will be deep cleaned daily. Wipes will be available in the classroom, and each incoming class will wipe down their own work surfaces.

Will there be health screenings to come on campus?

Yes. Students, staff, faculty and visitors will have their temperatures checked by contactless infrared thermometers as they enter campus. If someone has a temperature over 100.4, they will not be allowed to enter any College buildings until their temperature has returned to normal.

Will social distancing be enforced in all buildings?

Security will ensure that traffic patterns are re-routed throughout every building to maintain social distancing by asking that students/faculty/staff stay to the right in halls and stairs. Where practicable, elevator capacity will be reduced to two people in the elevator, with the occupants positioned at opposite sides.

Will students be socially distanced in on-ground classes?

Desks in classrooms will be “X”ed out to ensure appropriate distancing. For on-campus laboratory classes, special lab space configurations and scheduling blocks have been instituted to promote social distancing. Seating capacity in computer labs will be reduced by limiting the number of computers available to students.

What should someone do if they become ill when on campus and they are directed to be tested for COVID-19?

If an SJC community member becomes ill and needs to be tested for COVID-19 during College business hours, they will be directed to visit one of our two partner clinics near their respective campuses. SJC has created partnerships with MedRite Urgent Care (SJC Brooklyn) and Patchogue Urgent Care (SJC Long Island) to provide members of the SJC community with quick and easy access to a SARS-CoV-19 test.

  • MedRite Urgent Care, 504 Myrtle Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • Patchogue Urgent Care, 152 North Ocean Ave., Patchogue, NY 11772

What should someone do if they become ill or receive positive test results while on campus?

If a member of the College community receives testing results from their provider while present on campus, they are to immediately isolate, continue to wear their mask and make arrangements to leave the premises immediately in order to quarantine at home and/or seek physician care while minimizing all interactions with others while still onsite. Separate isolation areas have been established on both campuses in the event the individual cannot leave campus without assistance. These locations are indicated below:

  • SJC Long Island community members will temporarily isolate themselves in the Health and Wellness Center, located at 319 W. Roe Blvd., Patchogue, NY.
  • SJC Brooklyn community members will temporarily isolate themselves in the St. Angela Hall Cantina space, located at 263 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY

What is the College doing in the event of a positive COVID-19 case on campus?

In the event of a positive case of COVID-19 on campus, SJC must notify the NYC Testing and Tracing Corps for community members at SJC Brooklyn and the Suffolk County Department of Health for community members at SJC Long Island. SJC will collaborate with the respective health departments as instructed in regard to contact tracing, helping to identify students, faculty, staff and visitors who have been in close contact with an individual that has received a confirmed positive COVID-19 test, while preserving confidentiality as required by federal and state laws and regulations.

Will the College community be notified if there is a positive case discovered on campus?

If positive cases should emerge on either campus, our New York State Department of Health-designated College representatives will collaborate with and seek guidance from local health authorities and their contact tracers to determine if and when to notify the SJC community and its campus visitors, as deemed necessary and appropriate. The College will also communicate all measures being taken to clean, disinfect and safely secure any contaminated physical locations before re-opening those spaces to the SJC community in a timely and appropriate manner.

Are face coverings or masks mandatory?

Yes, face coverings or masks are mandatory in all buildings on campus. 

How can I access security?

SJC Brooklyn

Security is always on campus. Please call Mike McGrann at 718.940.5741.

SJC Long Island

Security is always on campus. Please call 917.209.3625 or stop by the security office in SJC Long Island’s O’Connor Hall if you have any questions or concerns.

Will visitors be allowed on campus?

In order to maintain the health and safety of the St. Joseph’s College Community, we are asking all visitors to complete a health questionnaire.

Where can I locate the Health Questionnaire?

The Health Questionnaire can be found on the Health Questionnaires page, on the MySJC Portal and through the SJCNY App.

How will I be notified if campus needs to close?

In the event that St. Joseph’s College needs to shut down one or both of its campuses, we will alert the SJC community by using our RAVE emergency notification system and by posting notifications of the transition to remote and virtual modalities across all college communication channels, including, but not limited to, email communications, the SJCNY website, MYSJC Portal and relevant SJC social media platforms.

How do I sign up for campus alerts?

Sign up for campus alerts by logging into the portal and using the Enroll/Update link in the box at the top of the main page. Visit for up-to-date notifications.