SJCNY Faculty Gives Thanks

Raymond D’AngeloRaymond D’Angelo
Social Sciences

“One of the kindest human acts, to give thanks, a virtue to be lived every day, is gloriously celebrated on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for family, many friends and colleagues.”

Tina FerroTina Ferro
Hospitality and Tourism Management

"I am thankful for the inviting welcome and assistance that I have received from the faculty, staff and students at SJC during my first full-time semester."

Gail LambertaGail Lamberta
Therapeutic Recreation

“Above all, I am thankful to be a part of a wonderful family as well as being surrounded by very special friends. Together, we all play a role in helping those less fortunate, and to me, that is truly something to be thankful for.”

Eileen White JahnEileen White Jahn
Business Administration and Marketing

"In the current political and socio-economic climate, I am so grateful to live in a country where we can speak freely, disagree vigorously, and elevate discussion and problem solving through this process. I am particularly grateful to be a faculty member here at SJC, helping students to figure out how to shape their own thoughts, find their own voices and make themselves heard."

Rachel KreierRachel Kreier
Social Sciences

“I follow the news, and I am so aware of how lucky I am to live free from the misery of war. I have a job that is endlessly interesting and suits my skills. My son graduated college and he's got a job that he likes now, too. Our family had some losses over the past few years, but life has been good to us this year, and I am very grateful.”

Joseph PascarellaJoseph Pascarella
Criminal Justice

"I am thankful for our great community here at St. Joseph's College."

Tom PetrianoTom Petriano
Religious Studies

"I am thankful for the students I teach."

Judith PhaganJudith Phagan

"I am grateful for the wonderful and amazing students I have been blessed with for 15 years at St. Joseph's College. Students make it all worthwhile!"

Amy PolandAmy Poland
Criminal Justice

“Last Friday night, my close friends lost their teenage son, Tristan, when he was hit by a car. It has been difficult being so far away from my friends and my family (they are all in Iowa), who are also close to Tristan and his family as they grieve. I am thankful for growing up in a small community that has wrapped both this family and the youth in the community in their love and support at this difficult time. I am thankful for the ability to connect with my family through FaceTime and social media, keeping them close even across the distance. And I am thankful every day for the love and support of my family, loved ones and friends far away, the friends I have made here on Long Island, and the SJC community on campus."

David Seppala-HoltzmanDavid Seppala-Holtzman
Mathematics and Computer Science

"I am fully aware that I lead a very good life and this is due, to a large degree, from the fact that I love what I do for a living.  I realize that many, if not most, people are not as lucky as I am in this respect. For this, and many other things, I am truly thankful."

Dominique TrebouxDominique Treboux

“For so much! But as a faculty member, I am grateful for my curious and engaged students, current and past! and thankful for my dedicated and supportive colleagues!  I am grateful for the Sisters of St. Joseph's for infusing the college with a spirit of caring, compassion and service.”