Greece Honors Program

Explore the ancient seaside ruins of Greece while learning about the rise, flourishing, and decline of Ancient Greece. During our tour we will visit cosmopolitan Athens, the temple with a view (the Acropolis), home of the famous oracle in Delphi, the seaport town of Nafplio, and the site of the first Olympics in Olympia.

May 17-26, 2019 • Cost: $1,692

Course Registration and Eligibility

Go to the Global and Experiential Center- Room 3, O'Connor Hall with your payment. Make all checks payable to St. Joseph's College with a note in the memo line: “Greece Honors” and the student name.


This program is open to Long Island St. Joseph’s College Honors sophomores. 

Program Cost and Deadlines

All deposits are non-refundable. Failure to make payment in accordance with the deadlines could result in the office terminating the participant's enrollment in the program.

$500 deposit, online application, and uploaded passport or proof of passport application is due on December 5, 2018. Allow at least 6 weeks for passport processing. The balance will be due on Monday, February 11, 2019. 

Price: $1,692

See Lena Grasso in Room 3 off the Student Hospitality Lounge with your payment. Make all checks payable to St. Joseph's College with a note in the memo line: Greece

The price includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Breakfast in-country
  • Transportation within the country for activities scheduled on the itinerary
  • Entrance fees within the country for activities scheduled on the itinerary
  • Roundtrip airfare

The price does not include**:

  • Transportation to/from JFK
  • Additional increases in taxes and fuel surcharges at the time of ticketing
  • Additional activities or optional trips
  • “On your own meals and trips”
  • Personal expenses such as Wi-fi and phone
  • Currency fluctuation
  • Exceeding the airline’s baggage allowance


  • Friday, May 17: Flight departs from JFK at 6:15 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 18: Athens - Participate in an Athens orientation to be familiar with Athens and its major landmarks. Walk around the Acropolis and Plaka.
  • Sunday, May 19: Delphi - Tour the Peloponnese peninsula on a 3.5 hour drive. Afternoon sightseeing of Delphi. Delphi is famous because of the oracle who lived there and informed events in the classical world. Tour Delphi sites and museums.
  • Monday, May 20: Olympia - Drive 4.5 hours in order to visit the Olympia site and museum, where the first Olympics took place.
  • Tuesday, May 21: Nafplio - Take a 2.5 hour roadtrip across the country. Visit Nafplio on arrival and enjoy the seaside resort
  • Wednesday, May 22: Athens - Visit the ancient fortified cities of Epidaurus and Mycenae. Continue to Athens. Stop in Corinth to take photos of the canal
  • Thursday, May 23: Athens - As an introduction, visit the New Acropolis Museum. Then take a walking tour of the Acropolis.
  • Friday, May 24: Athens - Guided tour in Athens including the Cycladic Museum of art and the archeological Museum.
  • Saturday, May 25: Athens - Full day excursion to Cape Sounion, which includes the temple of Poseidon. Visit the archeological site. Farewell lunch at a local restaurant near the beach and possibility to rent chairs or mattress to spend time on the beach before returning to Athens.
  • Sunday, May 26: Leave on a morning flight. Then arrive at JFK at 7:55 p.m.

Itinerary is subject to change.

How to Apply

Directions for applying online:  

  1.  Log in to the portal and check off private computer
  2.  Open up your email so you do not time out 
  3.  Click here for the application
  4.  Follow the "St Joseph’s Study Abroad Program" checklist 


Due to new government regulations, passport information must be provided with your final payment. If you need a new passport, apply immediately.

Without passport information tickets cannot be issued and delays with ticketing may create penalties and/or cancellations without refund. If you don’t have a passport, please apply for it and provide a passport processing receipt with your deposit.

A copy of your passport is due no later than December 5, 2018.