SJC Interns • Hemala Harilal ‘18

Hemala HarilalBusiness Administration and Marketing
Association of Colleges of Sisters of St. Joseph

The Association of Colleges of Sisters of St. Joseph (ACSSJ) draws together nine colleges and universities founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph to articulate and further the contemporary expression of the educational mission and legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The Association fosters collaboration among all the member institutions, provides resources for the faculty, staff and students at member colleges and universities and encourages mission integration on each campus.

July 26, 2016 • Internship Reflections

"So far the internship has been an extremely positive experience for me. I have learned a lot so far, such as, maintaining a database and using MailChimp to create a newsletter. I am going to continue this internship in the fall semester as well."

June 21 • Pre-Internship Expectations

"A classmate who is an intern with ACSSJ informed me about an availability for an Administrative Internship. My goals are to obtain valuable work experience in various fields such as research, marketing and communications, and administration. [After I graduate from SJC] I plan on going to law school to become a corporate lawyer. A law degree is very versatile and it will allow me to be flexible in my career path."

What inspired you to go into your career field?

"My mother inspired me to pursue a double major in Business Administration and Marketing. Previously, she was a owner of her own business and through her experiences, she was able to see that I had the potential to do well in these fields. My father inspired me to want to go to law school after I graduate. He is the one who has taught me that a law degree will be extremely useful in my career."

What was your dream job as a kid, and how has that vision evolved over time?

"I always wanted to be a lawyer since I was 10 years old, but I could never imagine myself in a courtroom trying to defend or prosecute someone. As I have become older, I learned that there are more branches of law than just criminal law. In high school, I took an Intro to Business class and I was an A student. That is when I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer by becoming a corporate lawyer."

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and why?

"My parents have had the biggest influence on my life. I have seen their struggles and their success. I have been motivated by their hard work and perseverance. The biggest success in my life would be to make them proud."