I am SJC

Narada Brooks

Narada Brooks, '19 • Bilingual Education Major

I’m Caribbean and also a transfer student from SCCC.
I am the son of migrating immigrants.
I’m passionate about child welfare, Education reforms, and school district appropriation of funding for vital educational services of minorities.
I love to cook while creating exquisite dishes that are influenced by different cultures.
I chose St. Joseph’s because of its high credibility for teacher preparedness along with its generous academic scholarship awards.

Kathia Galeas

Kathia Galeas, '22 • Biology Major

I am a first generation college student.
I am Hispanic.
I am an immigrant.
I am passionate about reading.
I love traveling.
I am a humanitarian.
I came to St. Joseph’s College to become the change that I want to see in the world.

Sundus Imam

Sundus Imam, '18 • Psychology Major

I am a Pakistani American.
I am a Muslim.
I am the daughter of Pakistani immigrants.
I went to SJC because of the small class sizes and individualized attention I was able to receive from all of my professors.
I can currently speak 5 languages and am working on learning a 6th! 

Auzeen Shariati

Auzeen Shariati • Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

I chose SJC because I found it a friendly and vibrant environment where students, faculty, and staff are incredibly passionate about the work that they do!
I am Iranian, I am Muslim, I am an immigrant.
I am a feminist.
I am anti-war.
I am passionate about human rights, equity, and diversity.
I love traveling to different places to learn about the people, food, and history of different regions.

Renee M. White

Renee M. White • Chair and Professor of Child Study

I am a mom of two fantastic sons.
I am a strong, independent woman.
I am African-American.
I value and embrace cultural diversity.
I love to travel and experience different cultures around the world.
I love to dance, especially to Soca!
I have enjoyed teaching at SJC for over 21 years because it is a family-oriented community where I am making a difference.

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