Gambling as an Addiction

June 11, 2016

Workshop: Gambling - As an addiction: The course work will provide an overview of current theories of gambling and problem gambling: problem prevalence rates statewide rates and nationally; five types of gamblers; profiles of problem gamblers: men vs. women; escape vs. skill-based gambler progression for problem gamblers and spouses; phases of problem gambling; warning signs of problem gambling; review of problem gambling DSM-IV (changing to DSM V); basic review of available services throughout New York State including treatment, prevention and self-help; basic knowledge of gambling venues; and special populations and their gambling practices.  

Pre-registration fee: $100. (SJC students who wish to take it for 1 credit will be billed the cost of 1 credit. Fill out a green registration form and list the course as HS 245 Special Topics: Gambling). For more information, contact Kara Felton at 631.687.2402 or [email protected]