SJC Fraternity is First in College’s History to Go National

November 21, 2011

PATCHOGUE, NY NOVEMBER 22, 2011 St. Josephs College (SJC) is pleased to announce that its longest active Greek Life organization, Delta Psi Omega, has become the first SJC fraternity inducted on a national level after joining Alpha Phi Delta, a national fraternity founded in 1914 at Syracuse University.

Alpha Phi Delta is the largest national fraternity in the New York metropolitan area, with more than 50 local chapters and a network that includes more than 20,000 lifelong members. The fraternity hosts annual events and conventions, as well as numerous clubs and associations for its brothers and alumni.

"Alpha Phi Delta promotes lifelong brotherhood, love and justice, said Joseph Rahtelli, assistant vice president for expansion, national historian and former president of Alpha Phi Delta. "We feel were a perfect fit for Delta Psi Omega because we share so many core values with them and St. Josephs. In addition, we both credit much of our success to the continued support and participation from our alumni.

Delta Psi Omega has been part of the SJC community on its Long Island Campus for nearly 15 years. One of the oldest and strongest organizations at SJC, it is now the first to ever go national. With over 100 brothers, including current students and alumni, the fraternity holds annual events that raise thousands of dollars for charities such as The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation and the Dion Arroyo Scholarship Fund, the first and only student-organized scholarship in SJC history.

"The decision to go national was made through years of hard work, dedication and careful research from the brothers of Delta Psi Omega, said John Napoli, president of Delta Psi Omega and a mathematics major at SJC. "We look forward to the upcoming years as an Alpha Phi Delta fraternity colony and continuing our efforts to better the St. Joseph's College community as well as the communities around us.

Delta Psi Omegas induction hopes to bring more notoriety to SJC, while expanding its network of brothers for the benefit of both current students and alumni.

"Delta Psi Omega's decision to become an Alpha Phi Delta Colony at St. Joseph's is a testament to their ambition and pioneering spirit, but it could not have been achieved without the continued support of our alumni, said Matthew Colson 02, moderator and brother of Delta Psi Omega and director of alumni relations and stewardship at SJC. "Delta Psi Omega is proud to have paved the way for other Greek organizations to further enhance the overall experience students can have at St. Joseph's and beyond.