SJC to Host Restorative Justice Lecture

October 12, 2010

PATCHOGUE, NY OCTOBER 13, 2010 The Department of Religious Studies and Criminal Justice Club at St. Josephs College is proud to present a lecture on restorative justice featuring guest speakers Dr. Robert Goldman, from the Touro Law School Restorative Justice Clinic, and Victoria Ruvolo, victim of a now-infamous turkey-throwing prank in 2004. The discussion will take place on Thursday, October 14 at 12:40 p.m. in room N129 of OConnor Hall on the Colleges Long Island Campus.

Focusing on the act of forgiveness in the face of personal tragedy, the speakers will address the need to restore mercy in the criminal justice system. Drawing on her own personal tragedy, in which every bone in her face was shattered after being struck by a 20-pound frozen turkey, while driving, Ms. Ruvolo will relate how she avoided vengeance and forgave her attacker.

"Our culture and criminal justice system have become so litigious and retributive, said Criminal Justice Coordinator Barbara Morrell. "We have forgotten that offenses harm individuals and communities. Addressing the harm and restoring right relationships between people is really at the heart of restorative justice.

On November 13, 2004, Victoria Ruvolo became the victim of a notorious, near-fatal prank, when a frozen turkey was hurled through her cars windshield by a teenager, driving in the opposite direction on the highway. Less than a year after the incident, she appeared in court and requested that her assailant, 19-year-old Ryan Cushing, receive the lightest charge possible.

This event is free and open to the public. Lunch will be served. For more information, call 631.687.4582.