Driver’s Education Program Regulations and FAQ

Who is eligible for the program?

St. Joseph's University’s Driver’s Education program is open to all public, private and parochial high school students aged 16 and 17 who have their New York state learner’s permit.

Where does the program take place?

The New York State Education Department Guidelines for Driver and Traffic Safety Education require a minimum of 24 clock hours of classroom instruction (lecture) to be completed virtually. This means that a student must attend all 24 hours of the virtual lecture classes in order to receive an MV-285 certificate. One make-up date will be provided for absences due to emergency (make-up date will be on Wednesday, May 19, 2021). Otherwise, no absences are permitted. Check your schedule for possible conflicts and be certain that absences will not occur. All lecture classes will take place over Google Classroom. Details for the Google Classroom will be distributed prior to the first class meeting.

In accordance with NYS/DMV COVID-19 regulations, for the hours of laboratory (in-vehicle) portion of instruction, students are required to complete the minimum 24 hours of in-vehicle instruction under the supervision of a parent/guardian holding a valid NY State Driver’s License. St. Joseph's University will provide the parent/guardian with “The Parent’s Guide to Teen Driving” containing the specific and detailed information regarding the 24 hours of in-vehicle instruction, observation and applied practice that the parent/guardian will deliver. Upon completion of this instruction, the parent/guardian must document and attest that the student has received the 24 hours of combined in-vehicle instruction, observation and applied practice. All students will be required to submit the signed document no later than the day of the last lecture class session in order to be eligible for the issuance of the MV-285 Certificate of Completion. Please note, in accordance with NYS/DMV guidelines, all the hours of laboratory (in-vehicle) portion of instruction must take place during the course of the program with a parent/guardian only. Hours completed previously or with a driving school for private lessons, are not eligible to receive credit for the Driver’s Education program.  

How do I register?

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to availability, you may not be placed in your first choice of class times. The registration form is electronic; no registrations will be accepted over the phone. All registrations must be fully completed in order to secure your space in the program. The registration form is found on our website.  To have it emailed directly to you, call 631.687.1281 or email [email protected].

What is the attendance policy?

The New York State Education Department’s guidelines for driver and traffic safety education require a minimum of 24 hours of classroom instruction (lecture) and 24 hours of laboratory (in-car) instruction. This means that a student must attend all 24 hours of lecture and submit the completed driving log for this program in order to receive an MV-285 certificate. All students will be required to submit the signed document no later than the day of the last lecture class session in order to be eligible for the issuance of the MV-285 Certificate of Completion. Students must promptly log on for the lecture classes each day. Students who are late will be marked absent. Excessive lateness or absences will lead to the removal of that student from the program. Students are permitted to have one absence, which is required to be made up. One make-up date will be provided. In addition to attending a make-up class, students will be required to complete a one page summary/reflection on articles pertaining to the topic of the missed class. Please note, students are not permitted to take more than 90 minutes of instruction per day. Due to this regulation, no student will be permitted to attend more than one class per day. Check your schedule, now, for possible conflicts and make sure that absences will not occur. No refunds or credits will be given to students who do not pass the course.

Do you have a refund policy?

If a student drops one week or more prior to the first class, a refund, minus a $50 administrative charge, will be processed. If a student withdraws less than a week before the first class, a 50 percent refund will be granted. Thereafter, no tuition refund will be authorized.

If registration is full, can I be placed on a waitlist?

If at any time one of our program sessions becomes full, we will have a waitlist for that session. To get onto the waitlist, you will need to complete the registration form so that if space opens up, we can quickly register you for the program. If you prefer a specific class time and are unable to be placed due to high enrollment, let us know by emailing [email protected], and we will add you to a waitlist for that class time. While we will try to accommodate changes to class times, note we will not always be able to do so.

Can I get my senior license after taking the program?

Students who complete the program with a passing grade of 65 in each category will receive the Certificate of Completion (MV-285), the opportunity to have a senior driver’s license (Class 5) at age 17 and an insurance reduction according to the policies of your insurance carrier. Students must obtain the 50-hour completion form required for graduated licensing from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Keep in mind, the DMV will only allow the student to take the driver’s test if the information in their MV-285 matches the information that is on their permit. If it doesn’t, they will be required to get a corrected certificate in order to take the test. The process of obtaining a new certificate can take more than a month, and it will cost an additional $20. To ensure the correct information is inputted onto the certificates, we will take a copy of all permits the day of the first lecture class.

Can you schedule my road test for me?

St. Joseph's University does not schedule the road test for students. Road tests can be scheduled through the NYS DMV website or by phone at 518.402.2100. Students may also contact a driving school to schedule the test for them.

Do I need my MV-285 Certificate to schedule my road test?

Students will need either a Pre-Licensing Course Completion Certificate (Form MV-278) or a Driver's Education Course Completion Certificate (Form MV-285) in order to schedule and take their road test. The MV-285 certificates will be available for students who have successfully completed the program around two or more weeks after the last class. Students will be notified of a date and time that they are able to pick up their certificate, no certificates will be mailed. Please do not schedule your road test before this point, as we cannot guarantee you will have your certificate before then.