Inside-Out FAQs

Inside-Out FAQs

What is Inside-Out?

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program is a national program that creates a dynamic partnership between institutions of higher learning and correctional systems. The course focuses on conversations that transform our approaches to the understanding of crime, justice, freedom, inequality and other issues of social concern. Learn more about the Inside-Out program.

What is the time commitment for this course?

CJ 370 Special Topics: Inside Out Prison Exchange Program — Voices From the Inside will meet weekly at the Riverhead Correctional Facility in Riverhead, New York. The drive to the facility takes about 30-40 minutes each way on the LIE. The course will meet according to the regular semester calendar on Thursday evenings from 6:15-9 p.m. 

What fees are associated with the course?

All readings for the course will be provided to students electronically through Canvas. A notebook will be required for writing and reflections. Students will be required to purchase an Inside-Out T-shirt to be worn to each class meeting. T-shirts are $18 for short-sleeve and $23 for long-sleeve.

Do I receive credit for this course?

Yes! CJ 370 Special Topics: Inside Out Prison Exchange Program — Voices From the Inside provides you with 3 elective college credits of coursework.

How do I register for this course?

Interested students must first fill out and submit the application. Background checks will be conducted. Dr. Barbara Morrell and Greg Bruno will then conduct in-person interviews with selected applicants. Fifteen St. Joseph's University students will be invited to participate in the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. Selected students will then be allowed to register for the course in the same way that they register for other courses at St. Joseph's University.

How are ‘inside’ students selected?

A pool of potential ‘inside’ students at Riverhead Correctional Facility will be selected by the Riverhead staff to ensure reading level and a length of commitment congruent with the duration of the spring semester. The ‘inside’ students will then be selected in a process similar to ‘outside’ students from St. Joseph's University. ‘Inside” students will fill out an application that will be reviewed by the Riverhead staff. Dr. Barbara Morrell and Greg Bruno will then interview the selected pool of applicants. Fifteen male inmates will be invited to participate in the course. The intention of the interviews is to choose a mix of students (race, socioeconomic status, opinions, criminal history, education, etc.) as a means to ensure rich class discussion with varying viewpoints.

How do students get to the jail?

Students will provide their own transportation.

What is the dress code for going into the jail?

Students will be required to wear their Inside-Out T-shirt to each class meeting. In addition, all students must wear closed-toe shoes and loose pants. Every student will be required to carry his or her personal identification for entrance into the facility.

Will there be any contact between the incarcerated and students outside the classroom?

No. Inside-Out is premised on semi-anonymity (first names only). Each student enrolled in the course will be required to sign a document agreeing that he/she will not attempt to learn more and/or contact ‘inside’ students in the course. Any student who attempts to make contact or learn another ‘inside’ student’s personal information will be removed from the class.

Is there anything dangerous about going inside the jail?

Above all else, safety is the number one concern. The Inside-Out program was designed and created to keep students as safe as possible. Both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ students will undergo an interview process and orientation to ensure integrity and safety in the course. While it is important to always remain cognizant of the jail setting, students are carefully monitored by the instructors, security cameras and jail security staff.