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Our department’s 14:1 student-faculty ratio (all classes max at 30; many classes max at 16 and advanced classes max at eight) enables you to receive valuable personal attention.

Because they know you, our faculty will transfer time-tested knowledge that caters to your strengths and interests. You'll be able to take advantage of exciting new opportunities, including valuable internship experience, presenting your research findings at conferences across the country and more. 

Gabriella GeleskoGabrielle Gelesko, Psychology Major • Class of 2018

"If I never attended SJC, I never would have travelled abroad to Oxford or taken on an executive position in clubs. I have taken advantage of many opportunities the Department of Psychology has to offer and have grown tremendously in the process."

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Take advantage of unique opportunities on and off campus with SJC Psychology.

Enroll in immersive internships at competitive sites across Long Island.

• Conduct research and present at conferences across the country. Most recently, students presented at the SPSP Conference in San Antonio, the APA DIV 36 Conference in Tennessee and APS in Boston.

Travel abroad with our psychology related global studies programs. Past explorations include Romania, Oxford, and Taiwan. 

Develop leadership skills in our many clubs and student activities including the Psychology Club, Psi Chi and our Student Ambassador Program.

Psychology Major
What can you do with a degree in psychology?

Psychology Major

A degree in psychology provides a broad, liberal arts background and can lead to a variety of careers. Psychology provides an understanding of people which is a fundamental part of many professions. Psychology knowledge is useful to majors and non-majors alike. In fact, most fields encourage their students to take at least one psychology class. Employers of all types like to hire psychology students because such students have a good understanding of  behaviors and motivations, are able to problem solve, conduct and complete projects, critically analyze information, and have strong computer and writing skills.

Want to work after graduation? You will be prepared.

Want to go to graduate school? You will be prepared.

Take a look at our curriculum and you will see the wide diversity of courses offered in small intimate classes, applied internships, service learning courses, travel abroad, and research experiences.



Psychology Major, Specialty Track in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
The psychology of the workplace.

Psychology Major, Specialty Track in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of the workplace. Rigor and methods of psychology are applied to issues of critical relevance to business, including talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, performance and work/life balance. For more information about I-O psychology, visit the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

A total of 38 credits is required to complete the concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.


Psychology/EMBA Dual Degree
Broaden your career choices with a dual degree.

Psychology/EMBA Dual Degree

Undergraduate students with this dual training learn to apply their psychology knowledge and skills to human resources, administration, management, sales and marketing. Based on this strong foundation, students at the graduate level then apply theoretical and quantitative business knowledge to organizational issues, thereby building strong business acumen. By taking graduate courses during their senior year, students save time and expenses. More importantly, the dual degree option broadens career choices and increases marketability in the workforce.


Psychology Minor
Pave the way to your career path.

Psychology Minor

The Psychology Minor provides practitioners with advanced study of current psychology trends and practices.


Certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Develop expertise in an exciting area of psychology.

The certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology will allow students to develop key specialized expertise in the application of psychological concepts to workplace environments. Individuals with knowledge of Industrial-Organizational Psychology apply psychological principles to a variety of work-related areas including human resources, employee testing and selection, training and development, and policy development related to work satisfaction, productivity and health.


Certificate in Alcoholism and Addictions Counseling
Provide counseling to those affected by alcohol and drugs.

This 29-credit certificate is designed to prepare health, human services, human resources practitioners and psychology majors to provide counseling and referral services to persons affected by alcoholism, drug abuse and dependency.


Concentration in Psychology for Child Study
A boost to your already-impressive teaching résumé.

This 30-credit curriculum will prepare you for your future in teaching.


Contemporary offerings for a changing world. 

SJC Long Island now offers its psychology majors a track industrial organization (IO). IO psychologists are interested in the interface of psychology and the workplace. Experts in this area can do a wide variety of activities including personnel selection, enhancing work productivity and satisfaction, managing mental health issues in the workplace, and human resources. IO is considered the area with greatest job growth potential; graduates with expertise in IO are in a great position.