Jean Safoschnik ‘16

Jean Safoschnik

"I always wanted to stay close to home. Upon visiting St. Joseph's College during my senior year of high school, I immediately fell in love with the warm and humble atmosphere that radiated throughout the college. Everyone was so welcoming, and my choice became clear: St. Joseph's was the place for me.

Although I am still an undergraduate, I hope to remain invested in the St. Joseph's College community for many years to come.

"St. Joseph's College is unique. I can guarantee that it is like nothing you have ever experienced. When all of my friends went away to school, they constantly reminded me that I was not getting the typical 'college experience.' However, I disagreed — I always disagreed. College is what you make of it. Yes, going away to school may mean that you are hundreds of miles away from home, but you can still receive the same college experience while staying home for school. As [SJC President] Dr. Calareso always says, 'If all you do is go to class and earn your degree, then you did not make the most of your time here.' The opportunities and resources that St. Joseph's College provides are endless. Take advantage of every single one of them.

"I always knew that I wanted to help people in whichever career field I pursued. After meeting with a career counselor and sorting through all of the majors that St. Joe's has to offer, I finally decided upon psychology. After doing some research about the field, I ultimately decided that I belonged in human resources. I enjoy structure, in addition to helping others, and this career field is a perfect fit!

I have learned to challenge myself to go above and beyond my comfort zone.  I am a creature of habit to some extent, and SJC has opened my eyes to opportunities in the world around me.

Favorite quote?

My favorite quote is, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today," by Ben Franklin. I always was and always will be a doer. It is impossible for me to leave things till the last minute. I make sure that I am proactive in everything that I do.